​S​CP Recording

Sugarloaf Canyon Productions

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  The Final Touch


> Make the Mix Loud and Clear 

> Ready for Commercial Release 

> Add CD Text, ISRC Codes

  Great Sound Everywhere


​> Smart Phone to Top-End Sys

> CD, Download, or Streaming

> Single Tracks or Albums

  New Life for Old Tracks


> Transfer from Vinyl or Tape

> Repair and Restore

> Master for Today's Market 



> Work on the Arrangements

> Create Your Parts

> Rehearse for the Session

  The Session


> Setup, Find Your Sounds 

> Warm Up, Relax  

> Record Basic Tracks/Overdubs



> Correct Performance Concerns

> Time-Align, Edit, Comp, Tune

> Add FX, Samples



  ​​​From Raw to Polished


> Tracks Recorded by You or Us

> Mixed with Skill and Taste 

> Punch, Depth, Width, Clarity 

  Create "Your" Sound


> Mixes Crafted for Your Style

> We Mix All Genres

> Recognized for "Great Ears"


  Beat the Competition


> Our Mixes Give You the Edge

> Your Tunes Will Stand Out

> Find the Magic in Your Tracks


​Studio Services