Bob In the Studio

​​​Chief Engineer Bob Webber

Music Background


Moonrakers Lead Guitar/Vocals

> Hit Records, TV, Concerts

> 2015 Moonrakers Reunion Tour

Sugarloaf Lead Guitar & Vocals

> National Releases - Six Albums 

> Green Eyed Lady #3 Billboard

> Don't Call Us #9 Billboard

> TV and International Touring

> 2012 Colorado Music Hall of Fame​​

Recording Background


Several Years in Studios

> Producer, Session Player

> Songwriter, Arranging

> Project Studio Started in 2009

Recorded at SCP Recording
Studio and Artists

​​​​SCP Recording 

Studio Background


ProTools Project Studio 2009

> Designed for Maximum Capability

> Best Blend of Analog and Digital

Built Full Up Studio in 2014

> Designed for Optimum Acoustics 

> Commercial Mix-Studio Sound

Hybrid Analog/Digital in 2016

> Tonelux OTB16 Summing Mixer

> TEAC A3440 Multitrack Tape Deck

Video Production Added 2017

> Final Cut Pro for Video Editing 

> LTDpodcastSCP Youtube Channel

Artists Prefer This Studio

> From Missouri to Mexico 

> Mixes with Detail and Excitement 

> Creative Tracks and Videos

Bob Webber at CMHOF Induction Concert
Studio Control Room

Sugarloaf Induction Concert

​Colorado Music Hall of Fame

John Long and Little Joe McLerran 

Studio Control Room

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